Mike Spits – Entrepreneurship Industry – Week 41

Mike Spits – Entrepreneurship Industry – Week 41

Hi and welcome to my second blog of today,

Today’s article will be about a recently launched entrepreneur competition. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) opened a competition for new technological  startup firms to offer them incubation support and a trip to silicon valley. To enter this competition, you will need a prototype or detailed business plan. The participants have the chance to pitch their ideas to a group of international investors and win the competition. Besides the first place, there will also be awards for the Best Business Venture and the Best Islam Economic venture.

The winners of the competition will be rewarded with funding for their company, incubation support, office space at the DSO-based Dubai Technology, and a business license from DSOA. The overall winner gets three weeks of personal training based on the upcoming entrepreneurial processes in Dubai.

The reason for this competition comes from the motivation to „empower entrepreneurs with the expertise they need to succeed in today’s dynamic technology domain.” as stated by Shahla Ahmed Abdul Razak, Deputy CEO at DSOA.

For the entrepreneurs, and especially the ones in Dubai, this should motivate them to push their ideas through and to actually start working on their project. If the odds are not in your favour prize goes to another entrepreneur, you still pursued your creativity and it might result in a successful company anyway.

Thanks for reading my blog, hope to see you next week!

Mike Spits




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