Robbert de Kruijff, week 41, News article assignment

Robbert de Kruijff, week 41, News article assignment

In this blog I will try to analyse a new article I found on something that concerns the entrepreneurial environment. I will and try to explain what this means in my opinion for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial professionals.

I found this article in “De Financiele Telegraaf” saying that the rules made by the government to have surveillance on entrepreneurs and businesses are getting to complex due to three Dutch entrepreneur organizations.

For entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial professionals this means a lot more administrative work, time they could better spent on developing their opportunities.

I think having this many rules and as a result of those rules, having a lot more administrative work, really contradicts with an entrepreneurial environment and will not help the economy. The government should be busy helping entrepreneurs and keep them motivated to start their own business or developing their business instead of trying to make sure everything goes exactly the way the government wants it to go by setting up a big web of rules.

As a result of these rules, entrepreneurial professionals will be dealing with to many detailed problems instead of the core of entrepreneurship, creating value and creating economy. Potential entrepreneurs will be less motivated to consider starting an own business.

I do think rules genuinely could be important, as long as it improves doing business. Now, it seems there is too much work included for the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial professionals.

This week, the report written by the three Dutch entrepreneur organizations will be presented to the government. For the sake of the Dutch entrepreneurial environment and Dutch economy I hope the government will take this report into serous account and as a result will create an straightforward but strict set of rules which are easy to work with and still be able to “ catch the bad entrepreneurs and their clients”.


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