Annabel Lemkes – Week 41 – Inspiring conversation with ShareNL

Annabel Lemkes – Week 41 – Inspiring conversation with ShareNL

Yesterday we spoke to a member of ShareNL. ShareNL can be seen as a matcher. This means that ShareNL brings together the different kinds of sharing platforms, in order to improve them and to let them learn from each other. In addition ShareNL also does some research and advises the platforms.

First, let’s get rid of the idea that Airbnb and Snapcar are the only sharing platforms, because that is nonsense. ThuisAfgehaald, Seats2meet, Uber, WeHelpen, ZorgVoorElkaar, ParkFlyRent, Shurfers are all very interesting sharing platforms, and there are more. Those platforms are not as well-known as Airbnb and Snapcar yet, but they are working on the road and are very inspiring examples of possibilities of sharing.

Although the sharing economy is stimulated in the area of Amsterdam, and it is getting a bigger part in the entrepreneurial policy of this area, there are a couple of important questions unanswered. It appealed to me that there is no clear overview of how the business models of the sharing platforms differ from each other, so no one actually has an idea why one is more successful than the other. There are so many different ways to earn money, for instance through venture capitalists, covering by insurance or out of social compassion and so on. In my point of view this is where our solution of the challenge starts. By making a clear overview we can compare different kinds of aspects of the business models and maybe try to connect them with each other.

To help us, we got a tip about the platform design canvas, a modified version of the business model canvas. This tool is very helpful when it comes to the social era, for instance sharing, because it is more focused on the stakeholders and the peers, that are very important within the sharing platforms. It is made because the earlier Canvas got some limitations because of the changing economy. Watch the next movie and read the article to get to know more about the Platform Design Canvas!

Watch: (from 1:39 talking about the Sharing Economy!)

Annabel Lemkes

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