Awat Kalamerd- Week 41- Medical Entrepreneurship-Entrepreneurship Industry

Awat Kalamerd- Week 41- Medical Entrepreneurship-Entrepreneurship Industry

The news article, AI robots, pocket doctors: Patient-centered health tech, in the BBC news describes the recent developments in the medical industry when it comes to technological progresses. The issues that individuals were dealing with such as long waiting times at their general practitioners’ office and high medical costs seem to be solved soon due to the use of mobile phones and software.

Imagine that there is an app whereby you have unlimited access to a doctor. You can send the medical practitioner pictures; questions and even videoconference call him or her if you have any worries about your health. It seems to be possible from now on. With the Babylon health care app, created by Dr. Ali Parsa, patients can have 12 hours a day, six days a week access with to a doctor. Afterwards, the doctor can send a prescription to a pharmacy nearby the patients or the doctor can advise the patient to visit their own general practitioner. The creator of the app explains that the majority of the patients just want a diagnosis from a doctor instead of visiting a hospital and since the medical system can be quite expensive but almost everyone nowadays has a mobile phone, the technology comes in very handy. He also adds that about 70% of the world has no access to healthcare but do have access to a mobile device.

What the article highlights can be very insightful for current entrepreneurs and also entrepreneurship professionals. The healthcare system is a market where entrepreneurial developments can be very successful as well as necessary. Therefore, not only do entrepreneurs in the medical or high tech industry need to take these developments in mind but also investors, entrepreneurship professionals and governments need to invest in these sectors in order to encourage innovation and provide entrepreneurs with the support.

By Awat Kalamerd

Stephens,P (2014, September 24). AI, robots, pocket doctors: Patient-centred health tech. BBC News. Retrieved from


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