Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 39

Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 39


Thank you for reading my blog again. Today I’m going to tell you about my internship at the Amsterdam Economic Board (AEB). The AEB is a company that stimulates working together (sharing) and networking at companies and the government. Their goal is to create a durable economic growth in Amsterdam.

The challenge we will be working on is called „Towards a Sharing Economy”, which mainly focusses on thinking of ideas that create a solution for reducing waste and saving money. This can be done by creating a sharing economy, where people can, as it says, share services and products.

A few examples of companies that already build towards a sharing economy are Airbnb and Snappcar. Airbnb is a platform where you can rent a room from the people who put it for rent. People that have a spare room or who are going away for a certain amount of time can list their home or room for rent. Snappcar is a service where you can loan each others car for a small price.

We, students, have to come up with a business model for sharing in the social sector. It looks like it is not very attractive for companies to create a more sharing economy in that sector, maybe because they are usually non-profit organisations and the products that are made or used can be very expensive. Wouldn’t it be great if companies in the social sector especially focus on sharing, since it can reduce a lot of costs and waste? Yes it is hard to find a solution, but it is not impossible and definitely worth it, so I am really looking forward to it!

See you next week!

Mike Spits



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