Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 38

Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 38

Hi, I’m Mike, 20 years old, born and raised in The Hague/Wassenaar. I take the train to Amsterdam everyday which seems far, but is actually only 30 minutes. The things I enjoy most are football (usually four times a week), going out with my friends and sleeping in.

After finishing high school around two years ago, I directly started studying at the VU. This is my third and (hopefully) last year of IMM, my Major. I chose this major because I always had a passion for technique and computers. It all started with Legos and Nintendo 64, and it hopefully ends at a big company, which might be my own.

Therefore, when I had to choose my minor it was very clear that Entrepreneurship was the one. This is because I probably want to start my own company in the IT business. By following the courses of this minor I hope to get insight in the basics of the entrepreneurial processes and everything that is related to this field.

I think entrepreneurship is becoming more accessible than before, because of all the facilities that are around these days. The resources are easier to obtain, and the tools and machines become smaller every day. Also ideas are getting more feasible and the sometimes the impossible becomes possible.

For me the internship comes at a very good point and I am really excited to do it. Because of my busy schedule seven days a week which include football training, boxing, studying and driving cars around for my job, I don’t have the time to plan an internship myself or work at a company that shows me how it works. This is why I am happy with the internship.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next week!

Mike Spits



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